What a wine year 2022!

What a wine year 2022!

A challenge for winegrowers across southern Europe, as we had the hottest and driest months from May to September since weather records began.

For our winery VILLA SANTO STEFANO, 2022 also represents significant expansion. For the first time we are harvesting the grapes from our new eleven hectare vineyard in the southern Maremma near Manciano, around 250 kilometers south of Lucca.

The four grape varieties of our top wine LOTO thrive in the area that was perfectly laid out by Carlo Ferrini a good 20 years ago: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot. The logical consequence: In the future, LOTO will be produced exclusively from Maremma grapes in order to - as we hope - significantly increase the quality.

All of our wines continue to be developed and pressed in our high-tech wine cellar in Lucca. And how do the Maremma grapes get there? Very luxurious! In their own refrigerated van.

Here our new oenologist ATTIGLIO PAGLI is at our side with his enormous expertise. He has been controlling the wine production of renowned wineries for 25 years. His credo for developing the character of top wines: “Get the best out of your own grapes with great attention to detail.”

And the vineyards around VILLA SANTO STEFANO? They continue to deliver the class of our 'winged wines', i.e. those with the magical angel wings on the label.

Our Vermentino GIOIA, our Sangiovese SERENO, our Rosé LUNA and our entry-level wine VOLO - they all come from seven hectares in the Lucchese hills, each with a unique flavor profile.

Of course, all of our wines remain strictly organically certified.

Due to the extreme heat, we started harvesting at the end of August, initially in the Maremma. As always, the Merlot came first, fantastic grapes! Since we can irrigate the fields down there thanks to a spring, the vines were able to develop ideally. The alcohol content is also correct.

The Sangiovese for the Rosé LUNA has already been harvested from our Lucchese vineyards, and the must is already fermenting in the steel tanks. The Vermentino is already in the cellar, and we picked the Sangiovese grapes for our popular SERENO yesterday.

Our olives had a difficult time this year. Heat and drought caused them to wither, and then in August a half-hour hurricane with a top speed of 140 km/h finished them off. A shocking sight, tons of olives that were much too small on the ground to find... The rest was able to catch up due to two rainstorms - we report on the oil yield! And with particular passion we will of course inform you about how our wines develop in the cellar - see you soon!

Your team Villa Santo Stefano

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